Private Office – 1 Work day

(9am to 20,30pm) – 60€

TAF CoWorking offers you this exclusive and private space where, during a work day from 9h to 20,30h you can count on an office with all the conforts to be able to work concentrated, weet with clients, hold videoconferences…etc.

The private offices have a width of eleven square meters. They have a large table, sideboard, main chair and two confidants chairs; all of high quality, ergonomics and comfort.

High speed wifi (fiber optics & high signal coverage) and Ethernet wire

Air condioning cold/heat (A/A).

Industrial wifi printer

The service also include:

Visitors reception

Workcafe space

Space to relax and share

Space to relax and share

You will also be able to know our activities program and integate into the TAF CoWorking community.

Reseve your space below and don´t worry, you can pay upon arrival:

You can come and see the space and also you can reserve it by registering below. Don´t worry, you can pay the cost upon arrival:

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