TAF is a humble company founded in Tarifa in 2005 by a bunch of dreamers passionate about the nature. Friendship, small things, slow life, art, culture, reverence for sea, mountains and a romantic quest for a pure and balanced lifestyle have always been our engine.


Our purpose is to share with you our spirit and our way of mind imprinted in every little thing that we offer to you through-out our CoWorking Space and Shop-Home placed in Tarifa (Spain).  We strongly believe in the power of community, in collective intelligence and how much can be achieved by a handful of people together who share the same spirit.  At the very least, we hope to share with you our way of enjoying this wonderful corner of southern Europe, creating the perfect balance between practicing sports in nature, friendship and developing our professions.     Because in Tarifa is possible to have it all!.


Patricia & Javier

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