Main Room Desks – Full day

(7am – 21 pm) – 22€ + VAT

If you need to count on a whole day of CoWorking at your disposal, Full Day is the best option. During 14 hours uninterrupted from 7am to 21,00h this space will be at your disposal.

During your stay with us, your will count on:

High speed wifi (fiber optics & high signal coverage) and Ethernet wire

Workcafe space

Soundproof space for calls and videoconference

Space to relax and share

Exclusive discounts in TAF Shop

You can choose the most comfortable place for you to work between central space, benches facing away from central space or window with exterior views.

You will also be able to know our activities program and integate into the TAF CoWorking community.

Reseve your space below and don´t worry, you can pay upon arrival:

You can come and see the space and also you can reserve it by registering below. Don´t worry, you can pay the cost upon arrival:

10 + 14 =

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