For a few years now, working from home as a freelancer has been a rarity.

But it is not the most advisable since we do not separate leisure from work. That is why in this blog, we will tell you why you have to look for an alternative and why the best option is a coworking.

One of the biggest advantages offered by a coworking is that you will find that for a fixed price a lot of services are included, plus you do not have to worry about the maintenance of these. The fee includes the costs of electricity, water, internet, community, cleaning…

One of the most important points of coworking is having a space at your disposal to hold your meetings in a comfortable way, and adapted to your needs.

The disadvantage is undoubtedly that telecommuting from home can cause productivity and concentration problems, as you are not really in a working environment. It is very important for a good optimisation of time to separate the personal from the work, and being in your comfort zone is not the most optimal. You will achieve this in a coworking because you are surrounded by people in the same situation as you and you can separate all the personal stuff to focus on work as well as sharing ideas.


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